Messages on the book of revelation

The Book of Revelation Course.
These notes of mine have time code references shown in brackets. They relate to Mike Bickle’s MP3 audio files on his Book of Revelation study. You may also refer to his complete pdf session notes on the IHOP website. Mike has also produced an excellent A5 size study guide which can be purchased from IHOP.
The purpose of these notes, is to complement what Mike has already written. Much of what is written in my notes below are what Mike has actually said on the audio files.

Mike says in his study guide on the book of Revelation, “The goal is to provide a simple road map so that anyone can understand the books straightforward message. Revelation is first and foremost a book that reveals the glory of Jesus. Therefore, its message is not primarily about future events; these are a secondary theme. It is first about the man behind the plan. It is first about Jesus and His return to take leadership of the nations and restore the earth. The book of Revelation is a glorious love story. It is not a doomsday prophecy about the world coming to an end. It is God’s plan to usher in a new beginning for the world.” He goes on to write “ The most controversial point is my conviction that the church will go through the tribulation in great victory and power.” Mike urges all of us not to accept any of his ideas unless you can see it for yourself in scripture.

01- Overview of the book of Revelation-Summary

02- The Revelation of Jesus-BKJ-Summary.

03- Why we must understand the 7 churches in Rev.2-3-Summary

04- The Fathers Throne and Jesus Exaltation-Summary

05- The Seals of Judgement and God’s protection-Summary

06- The Trumpet Judgements -Summary

07- Prothetic Ministry in End Times-Summary

08- Second Coming and Rapture-War in the Spirit-Summary

09 -Seven Bowls of Wrath-Summary

10- Harlot Babylon- A coming one world religion-summary

11 -Jesus’ Triumphal entry into Jerusalem-summary

12- New Jerusalem The Restoration of all things-summary

Seals, Trumpets and Bowls study

These notes are my version while studying Mike Bickle’s Seals, Bowls, and  Trumpets: Studies in the Book of Revelation. This series is an important key to understanding why and how Jesus will judge the earth during the Great Tribulation. Mike explains the structure, purpose, and significance of these three series of judgements and how the Body of Christ will partner with Jesus as he releases his end-time judgements on the Anti-christ and his empire.


The Seal Judgements

The Trumpet Judgements

The Bowl Judgements

Other Documents 

Revelation-The Rider is Coming  – A story about the rider

Revelation – Christmas 2010 Q&A – A document to check what you believe.