DESIRE a book written by John Eldridge
The journey we must take to find the life that God offers us.

John’s book ‘Desire’ was written before his most popular book ‘Wild at Heart’ which focuses on the recovery of the masculine heart. There is however a very real connection between the two books.
‘Desire’ is a profoundly deep subject. It is a subject Jesus often spoke about in the gospels, but you need the ‘glasses’ of desire on to see it. While the subject is not at the same level of importance as ‘The kingdom’. Desire addresses our deepest question asked by Jesus What do you want?” We all share the same dilemma – we long for life as it was meant to be and we’re not sure where to find it.
John has great insight into this subject. I have summarised the chapters of his book to inspire you to to read and study ‘Desire’.

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Permission received from Ransom Heart Ministries
to place my notes on this website on 11 Jan 2017

Mile 1-Our Heart’s Deepest Secret

Mile 2-The Dilemma of Desire

Mile 3-Dare We Desire

Mile 4-Disowned Desire

Mile 5-Mocking our Desire

Mile 6-The Divine Thwarter

Mile 7-The Great Restoration

Mile 8-The Grand Affair

Mile 9-The Adventure Begins

Mile 10-Entering more deeply into Desire

Mile 11-Letting Go

Mile 12-Keeping Heart-To the End


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